‍Best Change you Made to your Sales Pitch in 2024

Amelia H.
March 9, 2024
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‍Best Change you Made to your Sales Pitch in 2024

Did you know that in a study performed last year, a staggering 80% of sales professionals admitted that they had to adapt their pitch techniques due to changing market trends? 

Yes, you heard it right - a whopping 80%!

Now, just think that you're right in the middle of this exciting change, making the best adjustment to your sales pitch in 2024. But here's the big question, what exactly is this change?

Well, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll cover the top tips for making your B2B sales pitches great and when it's a good idea to update them. We'll also explore why some sales pitches hit the bullseye while others miss the mark completely.

What are the Parts of a Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch is a well-thought-out message that tries to convince people to buy your product or service. This is your chance to show them what you have to offer and why it's the best thing for them.

What are the Parts of a Sales Pitch?

Pitch Decks

Pitch decks, also referred to as slide decks, are indispensable tools in the sales funnel, facilitating successful purchase decisions by effectively presenting your sales pitch.

Acting as colorful maps, they guide your target audience through their exploration of what your product or service offers, catering to buyer personas and aligning with your marketing strategies.

Utilizing pictures, charts, and bullet points, these decks simplify complex ideas and underscore the benefits you provide, aiding in the qualification of leads and influencing buying decisions in real-time.

Moreover, they serve as a form of social proof, demonstrating to prospective customers the value and credibility of your offering.

By integrating them into your sales strategy, you can streamline the process from cold calling to closed deals, ultimately contributing to the achievement of your business goals and expanding your customer base.

Automatization in your CRM

In 2024, sales teams are using automation more than ever in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. This means that instead of doing everything directly, like writing notes or sending follow-up emails, the CRM software does it for them instantly. 

This helps them stay prepared and ensures that they don't forget to follow up with important leads.

Automatization in your CRM

Case Studies/Customer Testimonials

When you share stories of happy customers who have used your product or service, it's the same as showing off a badge of honor. These case studies and testimonials are real-life proof that your offering works and makes people happy. 

By including them in your sales pitch, you're saying, "Hey, look at all these folks who love what we do!

This builds trust with potential customers because they see that others have had good experiences with your company. So, including these stories in your pitch is not just a nice touch but also a powerful way to show that you deliver on your promises.

Value Proposition/Benefits

Your value statement is the special spice that makes your product or service stand out from the rest. It's what makes it different and better than what others give. When you talk about these perks in your sales pitch, you're showing customers why they should pick you instead of someone else. 

Maybe your product saves them time, and money, or makes their life better in some way. Whatever it is, by highlighting these perks, you're helping buyers understand how your product can make their lives better. And when they see that, they're more likely to choose you over the competition.

Important Parts of a Sales Pitch

A great sales pitch comprises 3 important elements that work together to engage the audience and drive action.

Important Parts of a Sales Pitch

Sales Hook

The sales hook is a line that gets the prospect's attention. It's a special word or phrase that makes them interested in what you're saying. When you use a good sales hook, it makes them want to hear more about what you're selling. 

In 2024, salespeople have been improving their sales hooks to make them more personal and interesting. Instead of just saying something general like "Our product is really good," they might say something that shows they understand the customer's problem. 

For example, they might say, "I see that your company is having trouble with X. Our tool can help fix that and make you more money." This kind of hook makes the customer want to learn more about how the product can help them.


The context is why you're making the pitch. It's having information about what problems or goals the person you're pitching to has. 

But, how do you find out about the history of the person you're selling to? You can talk to people who work in the same field, read what they post on LinkedIn, or check out any news about their company. This helps you understand what they might need. 

For example, maybe they need help with handling their customers or improving their sales skills. Once you know more about them, you can make your pitch better.

Having this knowledge helps you connect with the person you're pitching to. You can use what you've learned to show that you understand their position. This makes them feel like you get them, which builds trust. And when there's trust, you can start to build a good friendship.


Call to Action

Every sales pitch should end with a clear call to action. Whether it's booking a demo, signing up for a free trial, or making a purchase, make it easy for leads to take the next step.

The call to action is when the prospect picks what to do next. Sometimes it's based on feelings, but not always. Instead, the prospect has all the information they need to make up their mind. 

If you've done your B2B sales well, the prospect's decision should be as easy as checking off a job on their to-do list.

Call to action

How has your Sales Process Changed in 2024?

In 2024, sales teams have seen some big changes in how they do their job. With new technology and different ways of reaching people, the sales process has changed. 

For example, did you know that over 70% of sales teams now use automation in their customer relationship management (CRM) systems? This means they use AI tools to help them keep track of leads and follow up with customers automatically. 

It saves time and helps them focus on building ties with clients. Our B2B Rocket AI agents can help businesses with tracking the lead and following up with potential clients.

Another big change is how sales teams use data to make choices. Nowadays, nearly 80% of salespeople say they rely on data to understand their customers better. They use information about things like buying habits and interests to tailor their pitches and offer goods or services that match what the customer wants. 

Plus, with breakthroughs in virtual reality and video conferencing, salespeople can now give talks and demos to clients from anywhere in the world, making the sales process more efficient and easy for everyone involved.

How has your Sales Process Changed in 2024?

Sales Pitch Examples that Failed and why

Believe it or not, you won't always win over every customer with your sales pitch. Some may say no, and that can feel upsetting. But in sales, building ties and staying consistent are key. It's important to learn from these failures and improve your pitch for the future.

Sometimes, sales pitches fail because they don't address the customer's problems. Have you offered an answer that truly helps them? Can you do it faster, better, and cheaper? It's crucial to explain why your product is special and helpful for their wants.

Why do sales pitches fail?

  • B2B sales pitches don't work when they focus too much on product features instead of benefits. Customers want to know how your product can help their business, not just its technical features. It's important to show the real benefits that can solve their problems.
  • Understanding the customer's buying process is also important. Have you built a close relationship with the decision-maker? Do you know who rules the budget? Knowing these facts helps tailor your pitch to their wants.
  • Building trust and reliability is important in B2B sales. Customers want confidence that everything will go smoothly. If your pitch lacks believability, you may struggle to win them over.
  • Following up is another key aspect of good sales. Persistence pays off in both gaming and sales. Failing to follow up after the initial pitch could mean losing out on chances.

To achieve B2B sales, focus on meeting the customer's wants, understanding their interests, and knowing their buying process. Address their pain points, earn their trust, offer creative solutions, stress benefits over features, and follow up carefully. Make your pitch personal, credible, and based on how your product can help the customer.

Sales Pitch Examples that Failed and why

Sales Pitch Examples that Worked and Why

In the tech world, some big sales talks have been really successful because they did a great job selling to other businesses. 

Let me share 3 examples of sales pitches that worked because they followed the tips we talked about:

  • Salesforce talked about how its tools can help businesses handle their customer information better. They showed how it can analyze data to understand what users like and how they act.
  • DocuSign showed how companies can trust digital signatures to handle important papers safely instead of using paper. They described how this can save time and money while keeping everything safe.
  • Slack talked about how important it is for teams to interact well at work. They showed how their software can help teams stay connected and work better together by sharing messages and files quickly.
Sales Pitch Examples that Worked and Why

Sales Pitch Templates

Sales pitch templates are plans or guides that help you build your sales pitch. They lay out the structure and key points you need to cover when talking to possible buyers. These are ready-made plans that you can adjust to fit your product or service and the wants of your audience. 

These templates generally include parts for things like introducing yourself and your business, explaining what you offer, highlighting the benefits, addressing any concerns or complaints, and finishing with a strong call to action. 

Using a sales pitch form can save you time and ensure you cover all the important points during your pitch. They can also help you stay organized and focused, making it easier to give a clear and persuasive message to your prospects.

Sales Pitch Templates


It's super essential to change your sales pitch regularly. Things change all the time, like the market and what people need. So, it's important to get what your possible customers are struggling with. You want to talk about their work problems and use words that connect with them.

As you get to know the customer better and understand the different types of customers they have, you can change your sales pitch to speak to them. Keeping your sales pitch fresh, can change how your sales calls go and take your presentation to the next level. 

Use B2B Rocket AI agents as our agents will help your business by connecting with potential customers and tracking leads.

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