Work smarter, by using AI automations not manually

Scale faster and improve sales automation. No more lengthy manual work.

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Detailed analytics
See the full picture of all your prospects in one place and take action immediately.
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Sales automation overview
Track and manage all leads & prospects meetings requests very easy without back and forth.

We build AI tools for better products

AI is eating the world and simplify things as much as possible.

The dream team

Years of expertise in sales automation, start-up scaling, and optimizing sales processes. We maximize efficiency, drive revenue growth, and ensure sustainable success for your business.

Oliver M.
Head of Sales
Hazel Perez
Sales Executive
Rayan B
Ryan B.
Sales Executive
Freddi W.
Sales Associate
Josh B.
Relationship Manager
Annie H
Annie H.
Campaign Advisor
Tal J.
Account Manager
Raheel R
Raheel R.
Campaign Advisor

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