4 Salesflow campaign types to generate more LinkedIn leads

Amelia H.
August 16, 2023
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4 Salesflow campaign types to generate more LinkedIn leads

Unfortunately, high rates of change and applicable first lists do not guarantee achievement in making connections via the web site. In order to generate sales, you must get a regular number of quality possible customers every week who are high.

For a number of years LinkedIn had put a limit on the amount of profiles one could connect with without having their account named as spam. The method sounded the death knell for spray-and-pray tactics and was beneficial for sales agents everywhere. Yet as all sales leaders know, a relatively high amount of prospects is just as significant for a LinkedIn strategy that yields results.

To facilitate your 2023 goal of introducing new customers, the automation instrumentality within Salesflow possesses various kinds of campaigns , each geared toward a particular subsection of persons.

Carry out the following guidelines to successfully get in touch with more opportunities and produce prospects on LinkedIn.

The passage provides a comprehensive overview of how to leverage LinkedIn Events for lead generation and effective social selling using Salesflow campaigns. Here's a breakdown of the key points:

Carry out the following guidelines to successfully get in touch with more opportunities and produce prospects on LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn Events Overview:

LinkedIn Events are a feature that enables users to engage and provide value to their existing network. They offer a valuable tool for LinkedIn marketing strategies, with three event types: 

  • In-person events
  • Online events (using LinkedIn Live) 
  • Online events (external to the platform) 
LinkedIn Events Overview:

2. Creating Events:

The focus is primarily on creating online events, and the choice between LinkedIn Live or an external platform is influenced by your tech stack.

Creating Events:

3. Event Ideas:

Suggested event types include webinars, seminars, C-suite chats, and ask-me-anythings. These events can help engage your audience and generate leads.

Event Ideas:

4. Limitations of LinkedIn Events:

Event invitations can only be sent to first-degree connections, meaning you can't invite users who aren't already in your network. Additionally, manually adding event attendees can be time-consuming without automation.

Limitations of LinkedIn Events:

5. Salesflow Campaigns:

Salesflow campaigns offer a solution to utilize LinkedIn Events for effective lead generation and social selling.

Salesflow Campaigns:

6. Messaging Event Attendees:

With Salesflow, you can automatically message event attendees even if you're not connected. This messaging doesn't count toward the weekly connection request limit.

Messaging Event Attendees:

Steps for Using Salesflow "Groups and Events" Campaign:

   - Find a relevant event using the search bar.

   - Click "Attend" to access the attendee list.

   - Open Salesflow and create a new campaign of type "Groups and Events."

   - Choose between a "Basic" or "Sales Navigator" search. Both work for this purpose.

   - Select the event you're targeting.

   - Create a messaging request campaign to reach event attendees and generate leads.

Steps for Using Salesflow "Groups and Events" Campaign:

7. Account Management Tip:

To maintain the health of your LinkedIn account, it's advised to limit group or event messages to a maximum of 50 per day.

Overall, the passage outlines a systematic approach to leveraging LinkedIn Events as a tool for lead generation and social selling, with a focus on using Salesflow campaigns to automate and streamline the process of engaging event attendees and generating sales.

The passage provides guidance on utilizing LinkedIn Groups as a means of generating leads and engaging with potential clients or customers. Here's a breakdown of the main points:

Account Management Tip:

1. LinkedIn Groups Introduction:

LinkedIn Groups serve as spaces where users with similar interests come together to exchange information and insights. Being part of these groups offers an opportunity to connect with members and initiate conversations.

LinkedIn Groups Introduction:

2. Joining Relevant Groups:

To begin, you should search for and join LinkedIn Groups that align with your target audience. The search bar can be used to find groups related to specific phrases, and after joining, you gain access to the list of group members.

Joining Relevant Groups:

3. Messaging Group Members:

Once you're a member of a group, you can send message requests to other members. This method allows you to reach out to potential leads and initiate conversations without impacting your weekly connection request limit.

Messaging Group Members:

4. Utilizing Salesflow Campaigns:

Employ Salesflow campaigns to manage your outreach efforts within these groups effectively. By setting up campaigns, you can tap into a larger pool of potential leads and create sales opportunities. Salesflow even provides conversation starters to enhance your interactions.

Utilizing Salesflow Campaigns:

5. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

If you have access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can use it to search for members within specific groups. This provides advanced filtering options based on factors like company, job title, or industry, allowing you to refine your lead targeting.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

6. Automating Message Campaigns:

Leverage Salesflow to create automated message campaigns for each LinkedIn Group you're part of. This tool facilitates personalization at scale, enabling you to enhance your LinkedIn outreach strategy and engage with potential leads more effectively.

 Automating Message Campaigns:

7. Limitation for Basic Accounts:

While you can create campaigns for LinkedIn Groups, it's noted that Basic Search doesn't support filtering by individual groups as effectively as Sales Navigator does. However, you can still use keywords, job titles, industries, locations, or companies as filters.

In summary, the passage outlines the process of using LinkedIn Groups to generate leads, initiate conversations, and potentially convert interactions into sales. By combining your group memberships with Salesflow campaigns, you can automate and optimize your outreach strategy for maximum effectiveness.

Reconnect with your current circle. Amplify your present group. Reenergize your ongoing connections. Bring back your current cluster. Revive your extant community. Reanimate your established cluster.

After the initial outreach sequence, do you frequently pursue your connections? Or do they never hear from you again??

yes your approach on LinkedIn should concentrate on fresh contacts but if you are not nurturing the old ones you are wasting probable earnings and skipping the advantages of reliable social selling and LinkedIn advertising .

Reach out to existing prospects with a Salesflow "Previously Interested Customers" effort.

The Salesflow "Existing Connections" campaign form helps you reestablish or nurture first-degree connections to generate sales.

When adding a new campaign, choose 'Present Contacts' as the campaign kind.

You are able to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Standard Search to locate customers within a distinct business sector or role, or who have lately adjusted tasks.

Opt for a messaging layout for your campaign, pack your lead catalog, and improve your LinkedIn guide technology with included and nurtured possibilities.

Do you hesitate to cultivate or contribute to past contacts that have faded?? Here are 3 proposals for campaign substances:

Deliver precious text. Did your business produce an eBook or web log with market information recently?? You may use spreading awareness as a method to reconnect.

Point out fresh merchandise qualities or study instances. Do you currently have new data regarding the return on investment concerning the time financial savings of the thing you provide or a recent characteristic that might benefit your connections? Inform them directly to increase involvement rates and demonstrate to them that you care about their business requires.

Put forward webinars, happenings, and general community additions of value. Make the people connected to you realize the worth of being in your network (and keep your offering first in their minds to boot). Check out our guide to selling through social media for more suggestions.

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