Renaming Executed Accurately: 5 Good B2B Renamings

Amelia H.
August 16, 2023
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Renaming Executed Accurately: 5 Good B2B Renamings

A rebrand is comparable to an alteration in wardrobe -- switching brand hues from blue to green can communicate as much as a transformation from a biker jacket to a pink knitted sweater. All kinds of situations can guide a rebranding.

Renaming Executed Accurately: 5 Good B2B Renamings - 14-08-2023

Here we examine five diverse alter scenarios and their consequences.

  1. New products | The Seven Clean Seas changes their past picture.

Several Seas that are Clear wish to accomplish a goal: to permanently remove plastic from the oceans. But it is not only the seas that they have cleaned. Their updated services for businesses required alterations to all the visuals they use.

Businesses are now presented with an opportunity to compensate for their plastic usage. Therefore, the branding for this service needs to chime with the ears of companies and the public.

Stepping away from the navy blue of their former selves, SCS embraced a new color palette of neon yellow. Their revamped marker, an adjustable mesh of sea currents, is applied all throughout the brand for a memorable personality.

This kind of branding which moves forward is effective because it stays away from stereotypes, allowing SCS to build stronger, more robust business alliances.

  1. Mark brand conformity | Wavemaker rebuilds around ‘supportive challenge

In what way does the globe's second-largest media organization, with over 7,000 staff members and offices covering the planet, keep its brand constant? How did what commenced as a small brand revamp for Wavemaker soon develop into a thrilling and complete rebrand?

The act of opting for simplicity empowered Wavemaker to capture the self-assurance and optimism of their fresh stance: 'constructive confrontation'. The vivid orange of their earlier brand was retained to make sure designs are always associated with their symbol.

Within a plain expanse of cut-out shapes, Wavemaker's yellow circle interrupts the equilibrium of the patterns, focusing attention on the lively interruption of ' optimistic provocation'.

The accomplishment of this change of brand is in the simplicity, making it easy to implement across Wavemaker's various workplaces and domains.

Mark brand conformity | Wavemaker rebuilds around ‘supportive challenge
  1.  Combinations | William Murray Hamm attach the bond with Identica

For many years, if two branding businesses cooperated and labored together fruitfully when they appreciated one another really much... they consolidate, similar to Williams Murray Hamm and Identica.

WMH&I came to be, sandwiched between their married names. A fresh, unobtrusive visual persona spotlights their work and steers clear of any discord from past personas.

Light, dark, and rich plums produce a notable structure for WMH&I's work, guaranteeing this joining is characterized by smooth color ranges and precise steering.

A union tends to guide an identity comprised of parts from different places. But in this example, WMH&I, despite being a mixture of businesses, talks with a single tone and a solid visual appearance.Strategic swings | Foursquare goes back to its starting spot

Following a move into the enterprise and Software as a Service industries, Foursquare (givers of place data for solutions), returned to the beginning with a broad rebrand.

Writing in Authentic Sans replaced the funny traits of the former Foursquare writing. They also made a more adult color scheme with a digital partnership of blue and black, expanded by an orange transition.

Foursquare's simpler styles speak for restraint and precision in their lines and scheme, a helpful optic backup to the service Foursquare renders.

As the location-based social networking service Foursquare understood, a strategic shift should be employed as a point of departure from which brand individuality can be taken in thrilling new bearings.

 Combinations | William Murray Hamm attach the bond with Identica
  1. Personality variations | Tranch and the leading edge

You were fresh on the stage. How would you clothe to amaze? Tranch entered the fintech B2B are prepared to do it in another way, with their 'purchase at this time pay later on' services for businesses.

To create an impact, they used light colors near the spectrum red-orange-yellow and a motif of sharp sides. Tranch comes from slice -- the French root of which is 'to cut' -- a strong origin for its visual personality which appears in blades and chopped-up forms.

Modifications that aim for an identity switch need to look internally like Tranz before they project themselves outwardly. Tranch's distinctive branding helps it stand out in the generally dense and dry planet of finance.

Personality variations | Tranch and the leading edge

Is rebranding being considered? 

Regardless of if you’re planning a major strategic shift, an overall adjustment, or a merger, having a clear brand is a vital difference point. It separates you from competitors and can boost your lead-making activities. No matter what your reason for rebranding is, ensure you comprehend it fully before delving into the artistic.

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