Primary Build 

Emma S.
January 9, 2024
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Primary Build 

Increased new revenue pipeline by $5M+

Primary Build Review – Background:
Ramzi, the driving force behind Primary Build, is dedicated to transforming the real estate industry through innovative solutions. With a vision to identify high-intent prospects and build a robust prospecting pipeline, he sought a strategy to optimize lead generation and propel Primary Build to new heights.

The Challenge:
In pursuit of efficiency, Ramzi partnered with Primary Build. Leveraging Primary Build's AI Agents for prospecting, he aimed to revolutionize lead generation and build a predictable pipeline. The goal was to identify high-intent prospects and save costs associated with business development reps.

The Transformation:
The implementation of AI technology not only slashed operational costs but also catalyzed business growth:

The Result:

  • Cost Savings: The implementation of AI Agents led to significant cost savings, with a reduction of over $60,000 per year in business development rep expenses.
  • Predictable Pipeline: A predictable prospecting pipeline was established, providing Primary Build with a reliable flow of warm opportunities.
  • Business Meetings: The company successfully booked 7 or more new business meetings each month, enhancing engagement and potential partnerships.
  • New Partnerships: The streamlined lead generation process resulted in the formation of new partnerships within the real estate industry.
  • Revenue Pipeline Growth: Primary Build witnessed a substantial increase in the new revenue pipeline, exceeding $5 million

Result: Increased new revenue pipeline by $5M+


Ramzi Saim

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Emma S.

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