How to Export Leads From LinkedIn Sales Navigator to a Spreadsheet

Amelia H.
August 16, 2023
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How to Export Leads From LinkedIn Sales Navigator to a Spreadsheet

With over nine hundred million people active in the business world and sixty-five million individuals making decisions on the platform, LinkedIn is a treasure trove for people hunting for B2B prospects. And if you are like most sales professionals, you currently utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator to discover and connect with possible customers. But once you have recognized a promising list of prospects, how do you move your leads from Sales Navigator to an electronic spreadsheet or CRM?

Utilizing Salesflow, the method is straightforward. In a rush? Follow the step-by-step guideline closely.

How to Export Leads From LinkedIn Sales Navigator to a Spreadsheet

Why export your Sales Navigator list to Excel?

Moving contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to an excel sheet is critical to:

The representative should be diligent in monitoring those being targeted for cultivation as customers in order to persuade them to purchase their product or service.

Keep up-to-date lead lists, containing the identities of possible customers and information concerning their requirements.

Employ the facts in numerous campaigns,

"Give yourself extra minutes and hasten your search."

ConnectedIn presents the best place to check for potential customers since it features the most accurate, up-to-date facts regarding individuals. Regrettably, its user interface is cumbersome and information cannot be manually copied and pasted from the stage at a sizable level.

Fortunately, there is no need for that to be required. Salesflow's software automation offers you multiple techniques to deliver your LinkedIn Sales Navigator leads with little or no guide work.

Exporting contacts From the professional networking website to a spreadsheet application's document. Transferring people that one is connected to on LinkedIn into Microsoft Excel. "Exporting leads From LinkedIn to Excel"

Sharing your LinkedIn Sales Navigator contacts into a spreadsheet is an excellent method to stay informed about your possible customers and clients. You can utilize the spreadsheet to arrange and filter your contacts, and you are able also to utilize it to pursue your interactions with every single contact.

However, one cannot get prospects from Sales Navigator simply by utilizing LinkedIn. To stay away from a reproduction and pasting headache , you require an extra instrument . Salesflow’s particular LinkedIn automation device allows you to adaptably secure prospects from Sales Navigator in two methods:

"Employ Excel or a CSV to export your prospects to a chart."

Utilize Zapier or Inherent CRM connections to move your prospects to Hubspot, Salesforce, or Pipedrive.

Furthermore, you gain admission to automation engineering that allows you to execute outreach projects in the background and preserve 4 to 6 minutes for every prospective customer.

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a search tool offered by LinkedIn that salespeople can use to find potential customers. It also helps you keep track of your prospects and make sure you are reaching out to the right people.

It has some powerful filters: you can search by job title, location, or industry, or use advanced search filters to specify company growth or headcount. If you’re really clever about it, you can start using Boolean logic to find great fit leads with hardly any effort. This can help you connect with people who are interested in your products or services.

The tool helps you find the most relevant and up to date contacts, so you always have the best chance of converting prospects. You can see when prospects change jobs or get promoted; filter by the groups they’re active within; and see who they’re connected to. Sales Navigator is a vital tool in any seller’s toolbox. 

There are three versions of Sales Navigator: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. Each level has different features and capabilities, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

 "What is Salesflow?"

Salesflow is a LinkedIn automation tool that assists you in speeding up your lead producing by handling multiple instantly working outreach projects to LinkedIn customers.

One can utilize Salesflow to deliver programmed association solicitations and boundless take after messages to prospects on LinkedIn. Savvy inbox includes a progressed investigations control board to make it simple to screen the venture advancement and enhance the outreach achievement.

Once you connect your LinkedIn account with Salesflow, you can gain access to all your Sales Navigator filters from within your account dashboard as long as you already own a premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. Salesflow's LinkedIn automation tool likewise connects with a number of popular business applications like Hubspot and Salesforce, allowing you to export contacts from LinkedIn to your CRM or export your lead lists for other purposes.

To set up a Salesflow account and begin exporting calls from LinkedIn, schedule a meeting with our experts.

How to export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator using Salesflow

You will need: 

  • A LinkedIn Sales Navigator account
  • A Salesflow account

1. Log in to your Salesflow account and select ‘Campaigns’. 

2. Click ‘Add New Campaign’. 

3. Then, click ‘Add Contacts’.

4. Select ‘Import Saved Searches’ to add a pre-existing Sales Navigator lead list. Or, choose ‘Sales Navigator Search’ to create a new search and find a new list of contacts. If you’re creating a new search, add your Sales Navigator filters to get a list of relevant contacts to export from LinkedIn.

5. Select all relevant contacts, then click ‘Export’.

6. Choose whether to export your leads to a spreadsheet or to Excel.

You can also export lists of leads to Excel from any existing or finished campaigns, along with campaign stats and data.

Leveling up how you export lead lists

Currently a simple method exists to transfer contacts from Sales Navigator into other programs. But spreadsheets alone may shortly become insufficient.

As your company grows to take on more prospective customers, necessitating expansion and more intricate contacts, you will likely find a customer relationship management system essential for organizing and leveraging your increasingly complex business interactions. If that's the case, you'll require a way to combine your CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to export activity updates instantly.

By synchronizing your CRM with your LinkedIn account, you can eliminate the cumbersome intermediate step of importing and exporting CSV files. And go from exporting prospects with just a few clicks to automatically exporting prospects with no manual labor.

Integrating Sales Navigator with Salesforce

Salesforce is an influential CRM device, but it can do so much on its own. In purchase to absolutely leverage its capability, it demands to be incorporated with other software program platforms. One such platform is LinkedIn Revenue Navigator.LinkedIn data can be joined with Salesforce, letting organizations instantly import LinkedIn data into their Salesforce client relationship management system. This allows you to view your LinkedIn connections within Salesforce and the other way around.

One can work with LinkedIn and Salesforce together by using LinkedIn's capabilities as a Sales Navigator Advanced Plus client. Or, you can utilize Salesflow's innate LinkedIn and Salesforce integration to synchronize movement between your CRM and the stage.When the Salesforce product and LinkedIn network are combined, Salesforce will exhibit you details regarding a potential customer, like their contact data and recent activity, when you search for them on Sales Navigator. This enables you to instantly pinpoint and get in contact with the most encouraging potential customers.

Moreover, Salesforce can routinely log interactions with possible clients in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, helping you easily monitor discussions.Salesforce enables connecting with company associates. LinkedIn facilitates connecting with people of acquaintance. When they work together, the results are most favorable.

Integrating Sales Navigator with Salesforce

Integrating Sales Navigator with Hubspot

A set of programs is revenue and promotion software that helps corporations attract,gain, and pleasure shoppers. It has an indigenous integration with LinkedIn Revenue Navigator, however the integration has limited functionality. You are able to deliver tailored outreach through the set of programs, like InMails delivered from the contact record itself, however you can't sync your outreach activity.

Salesflow's built-in Hubspot LinkedIn connection offers you the total functionality required to deliver contact information and synchronize your outgoing dealings. This connection enables you to dispatch customized dealings to your contacts with only a single press of a catch.

Take your LinkedIn contacts and move them to a CRM by going to your Salesflow profile and selecting 'Integration.'

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