7 Exceptional Testimonial Video Examples and the Secrets to Their Success

Emma S.
August 2, 2023
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7 Exceptional Testimonial Video Examples and the Secrets to Their Success

Employing video testimonials is a proven approach to taking advantage of your fruitful relationships for your promotional plan. They're a fantastic means to get additional firms to recognize your brand, demonstrate the benefit of your products and solutions, and raise B2B revenue. And all of it in a single sweeping motion.

Now, as good as being able to be, enquire any video company for testimonials. They will likely all confirm to you that the tried formula necessitates certain adjustments and angles to be successful within a B2B advertising arrangement.

Therefore,how can you comprehend what style of testimony video ideas arouse a decision maker's attention? What are the optimal practices to adhere to when forming your brand's testimony? Let's break down the seven top consumer testimony video illustrations to motivate and instruct you on how you can get the maximum out of this capable marketing instrument.

7 Exceptional Testimonial Video Examples and the Secrets to Their Success

The Impact of Video Testimonials on Marketing Success

It is generally known that most persons like to watch videos as part of checking items before buying. Besides, videos are much easier to pass around among the many people involved in the B2B choice process.In the end, once you're describing potential answers to a group full of occupied persons, a short visual describing the benefits of cooperating with a specific company is frequently more convincing than a lengthy email message or a long report."Screen-recorded stories replace time invested in composing lengthy case studies and customer feedback. Instead, organizations can offer genuine accounts concerning the effect their goods have had on clients’ lives simply by utilizing a screen recorder ."

The most effective video testimonials additionally function as an instrument to ascertain a brand's believability. The reality that an additional company is vouching for your brand - one that precisely knows the amount of work and competence required for such projects - provides the piece with a sense of authenticity that is hard to replicate with other video styles. It is not merely an advertising piece intended to promote, but a real story of success shared.

6 Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples

 Becomes the seven top illustrations of customers' testimonies on video. If several terms have been employed a couple of times previously, their reuse is acceptable.

From this point, you recognize why statements from clients are a go-to part of substance for companies. You may be questioning precisely what is essential for an excellent, compelling statement of your own. Let's go through a few of the best statements from client instances to see what we can gain from each.

1. Ceridian: Blue Man Group testimonial

Why it works: The Blue Man Group is full of creative, artistic people. Consequently, exhibiting them in their habitat represents the preferred approach. The video not only shows the testimonial itself, but there are also plenty of frames of company people behind the scenes, working, using Ceridian’s product, and having fun at the same time. 

This is the perfect example to follow if your business is more of a creativity-oriented outfit. A video with a serious, corporate tone would come out as dry and probably do more harm than good branding-wise.

Most importantly, Ceridian is tackling a core marketing challenge in the most subtle way. By featuring this particular client in their testimonial, they are showing us their core services— human capital management (HCM) software solutions—are flexible and useful even to a company that operates in a niche as chaotic as the entertainment industry

Ceridian: Blue Man Group testimonial

3. Yum Yum Videos: McKesson testimonial

The reason behind its efficacy hinges on the fact that when one represents an experienced video production company for which animation is an area of expertise, it only makes logical sense to amalgamate it with live footage. The result is a fun and engaging mix that complements and synergizes really well with the traditional testimonial editing format.

A bit of animation here and there paves the way for branding opportunities through elements like your company's colours and logo. It also gives you a great way to smooth transitions from establishing shots. However, what we'd like to highlight here isn't so much the animated elements themselves but the importance of subtly showcasing your product within your testimonial. 

This works for any niche and product, not just animated video production. Combining the testimonial itself with frames and footage of whatever it is you want your brand to be known for gives you a great way to show your expertise. This is especially true for businesses looking for the type of sales solutions you can provide

4. WilsonCooke: B2B global statement.

 The company known as WilsonCooke has an international assertion from some clients. That declaration from abroad addresses doing business between businesses. The comment from overseas refers to the exchange of goods and services between firms. This testimony from clients not in the same country concerns the selling and buying between businesses.

The reason this functions: It is obvious, without saying, this WilsonCooke recording is timeless proof, a tactic that stays powerful today.

There was no necessity for diverse histories, numerous spots, or high-level music—just an example of a company's delegate expressing their adventure around a team B2B undertaking.

The size of the movie is particularly eye-catching here. In a bit over two minutes, everything that wished to be stated was stated. Neither more nor less was seen nor heard.

Most of the time, making it brief and concise is a basic necessity of the majority of marketing video material. If you take the conventional testimonial tactic, the duration becomes much more significant. It can be tempting to go to excess and try to cram an excessive number of issues and good remarks in a single video.

As your video will likely be enjoyed by the numerous those who can make a business purchase decision, keeping it under two minutes advances your opportunities of getting any significant data across and can be indispensable to guarantee you keep the attention of everybody included.

WilsonCooke: B2B global statement

5. Belkin International evidence: 

 The firm Belkin International testimonial offers insight. If particular terms happen to be utilised on quite a few occasions, it really is okay to reemploy them. Retell in an ordinary fashion, without staying pompous and needlessly verbose. Stay concise and clear. Do not use complicated terms that are not commonly used in the language. Occasionally,

The explanation is persuasive: We appreciate this Belkin International confirmation since the institution uses a small amount of time to make its point, but ensures you will remember it by reaffirming it all through.

To clearly emphasise the point, when the customer speaks of an especially positive experience with the firm, we're displayed a frame with estimates in large, dark numbers by means of animated inserts.

This is an effective way to emphasise useful material you desire the spectator to remember, from primary characteristics of working with your goods to total ideas 

Belkin International evidence

6.The software businesses benefited from included Zoom and Slack.

 A company called HubSpot explained its utilisation of those two programs.

Why does it succeed: Certainly, you need to highlight any positive experiences customers had with your image. Yet in some cases, the best technique to do this is to permit them to depict accurately what you offer for them.

This account is made around the requirement for those employed at HubSpot to be able to connect rapidly and productively. This is how utilising Zoom and Slack addresses that necessity absolutely.

Of particular remark is that they depart with nothing to chance. As if your own assertions were unworthy of adequate verification, we're shown a live movie of these wares working hand in glove. By keying in just a small amount of characters on the Slack chat can Zoom be accessed quickly to engage in a debate.

As you work on your company's attestation, keep in mind that you can replicate this illustration to exhibit how simple it is to utilise your products by following those who are currently benefiting from them. Make sure to keep your video’s modifying speedily, utilising tools such as Premiere Pro Templates to add inserts and alterations that highlight your attestation’s central communication.

The software businesses benefited from included Zoom and Slack

7.Robin explains: That company provides a case.

The reason is appropriate: As we pointed out in the beginning, the human, comprehensible trait of testimonies is one of the mode's most powerful qualities.

This instance rotates concerning the principal strengths of testimonial videos: possessing a skilled consultant describing the issues or difficulties their corporation encountered and how the Robin hybrid workplace stage helped solve them.

Of distinct remark is how the individual, whose facilities are being discussed, performs nearly an implicit role. Most of the visual material concerns the business enterprise they are benefitting, and the testimonial highlights them going about their activities. This course of action is clever for an enterprise like the individual, whose whole modus operandi revolves around assisting other business enterprises carry out their operations.

Folk searching for answers for their business must know precisely why your company could be an acceptable pick to solve it, so concentrating on them instead of yourself can be an impactful instrument in your control.

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