B2B Rocket Assures Leads for Revitalizing Fintech: A Deep Dive into the Success Story of W3PAY and its Impact on Smaller Businesses

Josh B.
July 17, 2023
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B2B Rocket Assures Leads for Revitalizing Fintech: A Deep Dive into the Success Story of W3PAY and its Impact on Smaller Businesses

W3PAY is a market platform designed to enhance the financial experiences of PSPs, banks, developers, and businesses. Its primary target sectors are banking, energy, gambling, and financial services, which can significantly benefit from improved connectivity and transaction quality that the platform offers.

However, promoting W3PAY to the target market wasn't a walk in the park. The customer encountered a few challenges, including:

  1. Arduous lead investigation: The fintech sector is notoriously complex. The customer needed assistance and resources to obtain pertinent public data, to identify potential clients interested in open banking and exploring new digital opportunities. Undertaking such research independently would be quite time-consuming.
  2. Limited expertise in cold outreach: The customer had a substantial online presence, with Token.io accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms. But writing cold emails was a new hurdle. Therefore, they required a proficient team with experience in campaign and email production.
  3. Risk of overlooking small businesses: W3PAY could gain significantly from smaller companies as clients. But they needed assistance with crafting messages and conducting title research to prevent missing out on opportunities to bolster their lead database.

Here's What We Did:

  1. Going the extra mile: We addressed the client's main pain points step-by-step, starting by introducing W3PAY to smaller businesses. However, innovative digital products and services are not easy to encapsulate in one sentence. Therefore, we aimed to connect with individuals capable of explaining the distinct features of the W3PAY product to decision-makers. The actions we undertook included:
  2. Understanding the product: We dug into the features and specifics of W3PAY, engaging with the company's experts and examining any available marketing materials to understand their offerings.
  3. Targeting overseas businesses: We aimed at smaller companies in various countries, focusing on industries that could benefit from enhanced digital transactions.
  4. Detailed research: Before conducting a product analysis, we investigated leads. By regularly liaising with the client and performing double qualification using both our SDRs and the client's SDRs, we stayed aligned with the customer's needs.
  5. Seeking referrals: We asked potential decision-makers directly if they were qualified to discuss W3PAY's products and utilized referral templates for more accuracy.
  6. Crafting templates: Once we had a robust list of leads, we worked on creating a compelling message. Our email campaign aimed to highlight the advantages of open banking and introduce it to the client's potential customers.
  7. Establishing an outbound channel: After crafting the templates, we launched our campaigns and began nurturing prospects to inspire them to set up a call with W3PAY's SDRs.

The Results

Our team achieved the following objectives for W3PAY:

  • Our reliable and effective sales funnel generated one to two appointments at the end of each month. Even booking a single meeting after just one month was a significant accomplishment.
  • We organized over ten leads for W3PAY in total, giving the client new business opportunities from Europe and expanding their network. Some of these opportunities were from smaller businesses eager to explore open banking.
  • Our client was equipped with comprehensive insights into their target markets, customer requirements, and perceptions of W3PAY. Such feedback would have been impossible to obtain without establishing an honest and comfortable relationship with potential clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand both your product and buyer: The more familiar you are with your product, the more persuasively you can present it.
  • Be prepared to share explanations: As your service becomes more specialized, your lead research and targeting will become correspondingly more difficult.
  • Partner with experts: If you're unfamiliar with cold outreach and building outbound channels, consider working with a partner who can help you with market research, test various outbound strategies, enhance your sales, and establish a lasting reputation in your industry.

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Josh B.

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