Best Voicemail Scripts for Cold Calling

Amelia H.
February 26, 2024
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Best Voicemail Scripts for Cold Calling

What do 1990 and 2024 have in common? Surprisingly, it's the ongoing success of cold calls! Yes, this common method has stood the test of time. 

Yet, the real question is, is everyone still playing their A-game when it comes to cold calling? Unfortunately, not everyone is.

Cold calling remains a useful tool, but its effectiveness depends on how well it's performed. Are you looking to improve your cold-calling skills? If so, you're in the right place. 

In this article, you will get to know 10 of the best scripts for leaving voicemails when you're cold-calling people to generate leads. These scripts will help you say things in a way that makes the listener you're calling interested, understand what you're saying, and make them more likely to call you back.

10 Voicemail Messages That Get Results

If you can't talk directly to someone you're trying to sell to, don't worry—leaving a voicemail is a good idea.

A nice voicemail can make it more likely that the person will call you back and that you'll build a connection with them. In business sales, it's normal to leave voicemails because it usually takes a few calls to reach the person or know when to stop calling.

So, how do you leave a voicemail that makes people interested instead of annoyed? It’s simple, use a voicemail script. 

Here are 10 different scripts to help you make your cold calls more effective:

10 Voicemail Messages That Get Results

Voicemail Script Example 1: The Quick Introduction

You can give a quick introduction and share your important information without taking too much time. Here, you have to give a quick summary to get their attention. This helps make your voicemail short and sweet.

Here’s an example of a quick introduction:

voicemail script for quick introduction

This quick voicemail is effective because it's short and straightforward. It makes the person curious and encourages them to call back if they want to know more about the offer.

Voicemail Script Example 2: The Helpful Message

With the help of this voicemail script, you become a solution provider. Instead of just talking about yourself, focus on how you can solve a problem or help the person you're calling. This approach aims to show that you're here to assist and make their life easier. 

By being a problem-solver, you're more likely to grab their attention and make them curious about what you have to offer. Here’s an example:

Voicemail script for helpful message

Voicemail Script Example 3: The Social Proof

This voicemail script is like showing off a bit of your good reputation. You share stories about happy customers or successful projects to prove to the people what you do. 

Consider saying, "Look, others love working with us, and you might too!" This can make the person you're calling feel more confident and interested in what you have to offer.

Voicemail script for social proof

Voicemail Script Example 4: Sparking Curiosity

In this script, you’ll learn how to leave a voicemail that makes people curious and interested in what you have to say. In this voicemail, you have to leave a message that makes them want to know more. Here’s an example:

Voicemail script for curiosity

Making people curious is a strong way to get them to call you back. People really like learning interesting facts, so it's a good trick to make them want to know more.

Voicemail Script Example 5: The Personal Touch

In this script, you have to add a personal touch to your voicemail. Instead of sounding like a robot, you make it feel like you're talking directly to the person. 

Consider leaving a friendly message that makes them feel important. Using this script can help you connect with people in a more personal way during your calls.

Voicemail script for personal touch

Voicemail Script Example 6: Making Things Urgent

Sometimes, you want to make your message sound urgent so that the person feels like they need to call you back right away. This can be useful in certain situations. 

In this voicemail script example, we'll show you how to create a sense of urgency in your message to grab their attention and get a quick response.

Voicemail script for urgency

Voicemail Script Example 7: Questionnaire Approach

Instead of just talking about yourself, you ask the person you're calling some interesting questions. This makes your voicemail more engaging and might make them curious to call you back.

Using a questionnaire in your voicemail can be a cool way to start a conversation and make your calls more effective. So, let's check out an example of how to do it:

Voicemail script for questionnaire approach

Voicemail Script Example 8: Adding a Funny Touch

In this voicemail, instead of being all serious, you add a bit of humor to catch their attention. Consider telling a quick, funny story or making a clever joke. This way, your message stands out, and the person you're calling might be more likely to remember you and call you back. 

So, if you're ready to sprinkle some humor into your voicemails, this script example is just for you:

Voicemail script for adding a funny touch

Voicemail Script Example 9: The Friendly Reminder

When you've already talked to someone and want to remind them about your previous conversation, this script can help. It's a friendly nudge to keep things on track. 

Using this script can make sure your message is clear and polite, encouraging the person to remember and respond to your earlier discussion. 

So, if you need to gently remind someone about what you talked about before, this voicemail script is here to help you do it in a nice and effective way.

Voicemail script for reminder

Voicemail Script Example 10: Gratitude Expresser

This script is all about showing appreciation. When you use it, you express thanks for the recipient's time and let them know you value them. It's a warm way to leave a message that might make the person on the other end more likely to call you back.

Voicemail script for gratitude

Dos and Don’ts of Voicemail Scripts for Cold Calling

Here are some important things to know about leaving voicemail messages when you're making cold calls. It's also essential to follow these dos and don'ts for better results:


  • Be short and clear: Your voicemail should not be too long. Keep it straight to the point.
  • Make it personal: Talk about specific things related to the person or their business to show you did your homework.
  • Tell them what to do: Clearly say what you want them to do next, like calling you back or checking your website.
  • Make it interesting: Use interesting facts or statements to catch their attention.
  • Say thanks: Always thank them for their time and consideration.


  • Don't be pushy: People respond better when they don't feel pressured by a sales pitch.
  • Don't be unclear: Make sure your message is easy to understand and explains why you're calling.
  • Avoid using complicated words: Speak simply to make sure they understand your message.
  • Stay positive: Don't use negative or confrontational language.
  • Don't forget your contact info: Always leave a way for them to reach you, like your phone number, email, or website.
Dos and Don’ts of Voicemail Scripts for Cold Calling


When you're trying to call people you don't know, having the best voicemail scripts is the same as having a guidebook for success. These voicemail templates are a map that helps you navigate through the world of finding potential customers. 

Leaving voicemails is an art—you need to do it well and explain your sales pitch clearly. If you use these voicemail examples, you have a better chance of getting called back and turning possible customers into happy ones.

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