B2B ROCKET Sketches Effective Sales Process for Luxury Partners Within 3 Months

Josh B.
July 17, 2023
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B2B ROCKET Sketches Effective Sales Process for Luxury Partners Within 3 Months

About Luxury Partners

Luxury Partners offers products and services with an emphasis on enhancing the built environment. It targets the inefficiencies and negative environmental effects typical of the construction industry and seeks to provide a new, superior method of jobsite health and safety through off-site production and BIM technology.

Problems faced by client

The customer was well-stacked with ideas, resources, and knowledge. Nonetheless, it needed help with the following things in order to implement their ideas effectively:

Thoroughly-targeted lead generating: The client provided a list of somewhat complex requirements that had to be followed from qualifier to qualifier. As generic databases and cursory research were insufficient to meet that need, the customer began looking for specialists who could create distinctive, hand-curated lead data.

Workflow organization: The Luxury Partners outreach procedure lacked the framework required to maximize the client's insights and ideas. This exposed the need for an acquisition partner with vast expertise in streamlining cold outreach processes and constructing corporate inboxes.

Spam issues: The customer wasn't happy with the present deliverability and sought ways to boost openings and ensure that all business emails were delivered to their intended recipients.

Data gathering: Fully aware of the importance of viewing and comparing, the client wanted to measure and compare stats to get a clear picture of the viable solutions and strategies.

What we did

Creating a transparent lead generation method: The client provided our research team with a huge chunk of search data since their Ideal Customer Profile was so comprehensive. Targeting entrepreneur-driven real estate developers and specialized healthcare providers, we had to start our lead research from zero and drastically reduce it down to meet the specific requirements provided by the client. Luxury Partners was searching for leads with a specific hierarchy, behavior, and state of development. The client targeted locations all around the United States, with a focus on "Cinderella" cities, or places where firms had to contend with astronomically high construction costs and need a really flexible value proposition. That level of specificity offered advantages and disadvantages alike. 1. We obtained as many distinct search qualifiers as we could, which made it simpler for us to distinguish between like leads and unrelated leads and select the most pertinent ones. 2. At the same time, because of the extra measures we had to take to make sure that our hand-selected leads are 100% feasible, the research took twice as long as usual. These 'extras' included SDR qualification and thorough activity research.

Launching an outreach campaign: To maximize the use of our recently created lead database, B2B ROCKET developed a brand-new outreach strategy. The campaign took on many different strands, and we created a unique set of templates for brand-new leads, website visits, and segments from the client's prior lead database. Our copywriting team created a number of sequences with various variable combinations in order to thoroughly catch the interest of our prospects. We pursued our introductory emails with three to five qualifying questions to make sure We were comfortable enough to schedule a meeting. It's important to note that because we were in a very conservative business, some of the prospects we worked with preferred to call us right away rather than exchange emails. Dealing with prospects who Are ready to speak with you is incredibly positive, although it took some getting used to. In order to avoid phoning prospects in our email marketing, we established a unique method of information sharing.

Troubleshooting spam issues: For tracking the client's progress, we used Folderly. Additionally, we increased open and response rates while lowering the likelihood of being designated as spam by using our freshly created and warmed-up mailboxes. We were able to develop a consistent sending pattern and stabilize our client's Sender Score thanks to an in-depth investigation of email deliverability and our understanding of mailbox optimization.

Data accumulation: The lead data and statistics we provided in our weekly and monthly reports allowed the customer to implement Luxury Partners' initiatives more effectively and boost the company's potential.


We received thorough information about our three key areas by the end of the first month of our collaboration, as well as the comprehendible statistics, 96 leads, and a 47% response rate. After developing a consistent outreach approach and sending personalized B2B emails, we scheduled 96 leads. Such a fruitful outcome is a clear sign of a professionally designed research and outreach strategy. When their interest in the client's distinctive value proposition was at its highest, we targeted the correct leads at the appropriate development stage.

We were also able to highlight the most advantageous features of the client's offer, thanks to our A|B testing and customization, which opened the door for B2B connections. Along with the 96 leads we arranged, we managed to maintain about a dozen ongoing dialogues each month, giving our client blossoming deals for the near future. The average positive response rate increased, which shows that new templates are opened and used more frequently. The quantity of negative feedback is also a reliable indicator.

The client's email outreach procedure was so effective that an inside sales team could be hired. Luxury Partners lacked a sales team to handle and maintain sales momentum before working with B2B ROCKET. But once a pattern was identified and put into practise, the customer had the knowledge needed to control the process on their own.

Key takeaways

This case demonstrates how knowing your Ideal Customer Profile may have a significant impact. It would be simpler for you to teach your outsourced sales team about search qualifiers if you were better knowledgeable of your target audience and had conducted more thorough research. Because research teams may require extra time to get the proper leads, be as specific as you can with your criteria. The outcome, nevertheless, will be worthwhile.

Finding very specialized leads can occasionally need you to develop a unique strategy for conducting research and gathering information. SDRs and marketing specialists should be included in your study since they can help with lead qualification and verification. You will be able to secure more leads if you put more effort into your search.

As the next step, you can employ an outside team to interpret the data, launch campaigns, establish sales tactics, and create optimized mailboxes if you have gathered sufficient data and information about the markets of your target audience. Your performance statistics and metrics will be available to you in a few months, allowing you to decide whether you're prepared to hire your own sales crew or not.

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