B2B ROCKET becomes a Reliable Outbound Sales Partner for Mobility Intel with 62 Leads Booked in the First Month itself

Josh B.
July 17, 2023
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B2B ROCKET becomes a Reliable Outbound Sales Partner for Mobility Intel with 62 Leads Booked in the First Month itself

About Mobility Intel

As a low-code development platform, Mobility Intel has transformed the way enterprise software is delivered by enabling businesses to quickly design, deploy, and manage mission-critical online and mobile applications. The global reach of Mobility Intel includes thousands of live clients in 87 nations and 22 sectors.

Problems faced by Mobility Intel

US SaaS B2B solution provider Mobility Intel started considering expanding into the APAC market and wanted to reduce time to market and outsource outbound lead generation to a company. It has 350 partners and thousands of active clients in 87 countries, mostly from inbound sources. Following B2B ROCKET's prospecting and appointment-setting, the Mobility Intel sales team started nurturing and completing deals. The client gave us the following set of duties:

1. Outsourcing pipeline generation: In spite of having a full-stack sales team and almost 2,000 people, the client needs more staff to quickly enter new markets. When a business has to expand quickly, it can outsource pipeline generation to a different party. This keeps the employee count constant while the company expands. Mobility Intel wanted to supply their large sales force with a consistent stream of leads that were qualified.

2. Augment business visibility: There aren't many high-quality competitors to Mobility Intel that can offer a comparable product in terms of value, cost, and accessibility. However, in general, growing your business won't happen automatically just because you're a creative leader in the field of modern application platforms. Building your company's exposure is essential for success if you want to stand out from the competition and attract more clients. B2B ROCKET's goal was to attract as many potential clients as possible by expanding its awareness among people who had before questioned the necessity for cooperation.

3. Sales templates: Notwithstanding the email outreach approaches Mobility Intel had used before B2B ROCKET's intervention, a set of fresh ones had to be developed for exploring a new market. At least one set of templates with a specific value proposition for different titles has to be developed before an outreach campaign starts.

What we did

When we were about to begin, Mobility Intel decided to switch from the European to the Asia-Pacific markets, and it took them 1.5 months to put another team together. We have three months to fulfill the contract's requirement of 90 leads. With only half as much time, it was clear that the final result would be less. However, B2B ROCKET was confident that they would deliver the tasks.

Building a pipeline for APAC

Because of Mobility Intel's significant market presence, even APAC prospects would respond that they were familiar with them. They collaborate with businesses of all sizes to skillfully handle any crucial applications. B2B ROCKET immediately began scheduling the calls using its can't-miss prospecting method. B2B ROCKET focused in targeting the predominantly large corporate companies. When dealing with account-based sales in B2B companies, it’s essential to get:

Well-defined ICP: The well-established ICP of Mobility Intel made it easier for B2B ROCKET to determine the industry that would be the best fit for it, the accounts to contact, and the important stakeholders to identify.

Targeting appropriate stakeholders: Mobility Intel's sales force does not have to focus on B2B marketers as they create corporate SaaS solutions. Instead, you should concentrate on IT staff and those in charge of application development. In account-based sales, you often target a number of decision makers rather than just one important individual.

Fully-personalized focus: There are countless possibilities on social media platforms to learn what your important stakeholders are interested in and talking about. Deep lead research made it possible for B2B ROCKET SDRs to customize their messages and reach key stakeholders easily and swiftly.

Keeping communication channel open with Mobility Intel

Understanding a prospective partner's internal operations will help you make sure your lead generation efforts are in line with how they conduct business. Mobility Intel is a sizable business with a well-established method of operation. Here’s how the B2B ROCKET team responded to the challenges.

Maintaining steady contact: The effectiveness of any outsourced appointment setup depends heavily on ongoing communication between the client and the service provider. Regular communication makes handling challenges that constantly arise along the route more successful. Account executive Mary was always available and worked to find a compromise that benefits both sides without interfering with workflow.

It's also necessary to adjust with the client's internal processes:Mobility Intel's approval procedure is very drawn out and it took some time to approve the B2B ROCKET team's requests for adjustments to locations, titles, and other things. The B2B ROCKET team members tried their best not to slow down their workflow and maintain a steady pace despite being aware that big businesses are less adaptable in their decision making process.

Be considerate to client's needs: B2B ROCKET's SDRs received a'special request' from Mobility Intel that sought a structuring of the lead and appointment chart according to their specifications. The B2B ROCKET team may then directly input all the lead data into Mobility Intel CRM in this manner and its sales and research team has been working particularly hard on this.

Holding the ground: However, there can be requests that B2B ROCKET is unable to deliver, such as pre-qualification calls. This is not something we normally do, so we agreed that we would follow our normal prospecting process and book calls for them, and they would qualify the prospects on their own.

From our experience we've learned that communication is the cornerstone of the strongest alliances. We constantly approach our clients' demands with the knowledge that it's not only about finishing the task but also about providing them with what they require to continue going forward.

This is the reason why you prioritize listening with attention and responding promptly, regardless of whether you're seeking for leads or just want to discuss your marketing plan. Never hesitate to get in touch with us at any moment for your queries.

Finding a new companion is successful so long as there is open communication. There are a lot of things to learn and take into account, from comprehending their sales process to their perspectives on teamwork, including:

What are the major turning points?

What is the duration of each step?

How many individuals or divisions are involved?

This will aid you in finding chances for mutually beneficial collaboration between your business and theirs. And without open and constant dialogue, these questions cannot be answered.

Adjusting templates

B2B ROCKET used the outbound email marketing approach for Mobility Intel. For each title, the team has a collection of email templates with a specific value proposition. We didn't explore alternative strategies because this one was successful right away.

However, the B2B ROCKET staff had to manage numerous active outreach efforts that were underway simultaneously in 5–6 nations. Because of the many methods of communication, the various time zones, and the demands from the product side, it wasn't simple.

For instance, although Australia and Indonesia required a different strategy, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia were willing to engage. To keep from losing sight of what may result in a possible prospect from this GEO, the creative team had to alter the wording and tweak email templates.


In spite of a difficult onboarding and difficulties along the road, B2B ROCKET met its sales targets in the period allotted:

147 excellent consultations are scheduled in about 1.5 months.

Enhanced understanding of success-driven marketing tactics.

Detailed data analysis that will be very helpful for upcoming campaigns 55% on average for opens from excellent leads.

10% of the potential clients responded.

Key takeaways

Imbibing both hard and soft skills: The B2B ROCKET team is confident in producing outstanding results because they believe in the dualism of hard talents and soft abilities. Their extensive experience demonstrates this. Hard skills are only one aspect of the equation, though. Salespeople must be able to communicate clearly, anticipate issues, and be ready for challenges if they are to succeed. Equally important are quick thinking, resilience, and response times.

Overarching importance of communication: Without team harmony, which in turn is impossible without two-way communication, high and stable performance is unattainable. Mobility Intel has always responded quickly to inquiries and set tasks in a transparent manner. Finding high-quality leads, developing intriguing and captivating templates, and scheduling leads on time have all been accomplished with precision by B2B ROCKET.

Every issue is a challenge: B2B ROCKET's outlook is to accept the arising problems as challenges that in turn brings out the creative best. As it was at the beginning of the year, the client's technical issues caused the project's onboarding to be delayed. However, we were eager to take on this challenging task of meeting the dates and goals without sacrificing quality. Tight deadlines are not a problem for success as long as your strategy is working.

Right partner, faster results: The literature on outsourcing sales acquisition partners frequently advise clients not to hold out for instant gratification. The key takeaway is that it takes a lot of time for a new staff to learn the ropes and start producing results. A learning curve might in fact last for up to 90 days. However, once the project had actually begun, collaborating with Mobility Intel didn't require a lengthy onboarding period because B2B ROCKET is fairly familiar with the SaaS market. Collaboration becomes easy and fruitful when two professional entities come into contact.

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