B2B Influencer Marketing ROI for Leads

Emma S.
December 25, 2023
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B2B Influencer Marketing ROI for Leads

In the world of B2B marketing, understanding the impact of influencer collaborations on lead generation is key. Whether it's a blog post, social media post, or another piece of content, partnering with content creators and social media influencers can be a game-changer.

Different types of influencers, ranging from macro influencers with wide reach to highly engaged niche influencers, can play crucial roles in your lead-generation strategies. Collaborations can be measured by examining the ROI from sponsored posts, discount codes, and influencers' posts. The potential influencers bring in terms of increasing brand awareness, providing social proof, and capturing email addresses make the measurement of ROI an essential aspect of B2B marketing success.

The Methodology for Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) in Influencer Marketing

Calculating ROI in B2B influencer marketing for lead generation is challenging. However, it is crucial to demonstrate the effectiveness of your efforts. Our B2B Rocket AI agents can help businesses increase return on their investment by automating the lead generation process. Here are important steps and metrics to consider when measuring the ROI of your B2B influencer marketing campaign for generating leads.

The Methodology for Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) in Influencer Marketing

Set Clear Objectives

Any marketing campaign, including B2B influencer marketing for lead generation, must start with clearly defined objectives. Having well-defined goals gives the campaign direction, aids in gauging success, and directs decision-making.

Here are some instances of well-defined goals for a lead-generation-focused B2B influencer marketing campaign. Before launching the influencer marketing campaign, clearly define your goals. Lead generation, brand awareness, thought leadership and product/service promotion are a few examples of these goals.

Having clear goals is important when doing any kind of marketing, such as B2B influencer marketing for getting new leads. When you set clear objectives, it helps the campaign know where it's going, figure out if it's doing well, and make better decisions.

Let's discuss what clear goals mean for a B2B influencer marketing campaign that's focused on generating new leads. Before you start the campaign, decide exactly what you want to achieve.

There are several ways to achieve your marketing goals. One way is by increasing interest in your product or service. Another way is by raising brand awareness. You can also demonstrate your expertise or promote a specific product or service.

When you have these goals in mind, it makes it easier to plan and run your influencer marketing campaign. So, before you begin, make sure you've clearly set out what you want to accomplish with your campaign.

Set Clear Objectives

Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Finding KPIs is important for measuring B2B influencer marketing success in generating leads. KPIs provide quantifiable metrics that directly align with your campaign objectives.

Determine the specific metrics that align with your objectives. For lead generation, KPIs may include Click-through rates (CTR), Conversion rates, Cost per lead (CPL), Number of leads generated, and Quality of leads (qualified leads vs. unqualified leads)

Customizing your set of KPIs based on your specific campaign objectives and overall business goals is important. Regularly monitor these metrics throughout the campaign and adjust strategies as needed to optimize performance.

Track Influencer-Generated Metrics

Monitor the performance of influencers involved in the campaign. Look at metrics such as

Influencers drive engagement rates (likes, comments, shares), follower growth, and website traffic. To track these metrics well, use social media analytics tools, influencer marketing platforms, and other relevant measurement tools. Check and study these numbers often to see how well each influencer is doing and make wise choices for future partnerships. Additionally, communicate with influencers to gather qualitative insights and feedback on experience and interactions with the audience during the campaign.

Utilize UTM Parameters

Implement UTM parameters in the URLs shared by influencers to track the traffic they drive to your website. This helps in attributing website visits and conversions directly to the influencer marketing efforts.

Utilize UTM Parameters

UTM parameters are code snippets added to a URL to track and analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Using UTM parameters in B2B influencer marketing can track website traffic and conversions back to the influencer's work.

By incorporating UTM parameters into your influencer marketing URLs, you gain visibility into the performance of each influencer and the overall effectiveness of your lead generation campaign. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and maximize the ROI of your B2B influencer marketing efforts.

Implement Conversion Tracking

Implementing conversion tracking is essential for accurately measuring the impact of your B2B influencer marketing campaign on lead generation. Conversion tracking helps you link actions on your website, like form submissions or purchases, to the influencer's traffic. 

Set up conversion tracking on your website to attribute leads and sales directly to the influencer campaign. This could involve tracking form submissions, downloads, or other desired actions. Conversion tracking allows you to measure the effectiveness of your influencer marketing in generating leads. This information can help you make more informed decisions for future campaigns.

Calculate Cost per Lead (CPL)

Divide the total cost of the influencer marketing campaign by the number of leads generated to calculate the CPL. This metric provides insight into the efficiency of your lead generation efforts. By calculating the Cost per Lead, you can gauge the cost-effectiveness of your influencer marketing efforts in terms of lead generation. This metric provides valuable insights into the efficiency of your campaign and guides decision-making for future influencer collaborations.

Evaluate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Evaluating customer lifetime value (CLV) is an important step in understanding the long-term impact and profitability of your B2B influencer marketing campaign for lead generation. CLV is the estimated profit a customer brings to your business throughout their entire relationship with you.

Evaluate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Consider the long-term value of acquired customers when assessing ROI. Calculate the CLV to understand the overall impact of the influencer marketing campaign on your business.

By calculating Customer Lifetime Value, you understand the value generated by customers from your influencer marketing campaign. This perspective is crucial for making strategic decisions that prioritize long-term customer relationships and business growth.

Compare Against Benchmarks

Comparing how well your B2B influencer marketing campaign did compared to standard measures is important. These measures, called benchmarks, give you a baseline to see if your campaign did better or if there are areas to improve. You can determine the success of your B2B influencer marketing by comparing your results to industry standards and past campaigns.

Keep in mind that benchmarks are like a guide, and your campaign might have unique parts that affect your results. Different sources have different benchmarks. Look at trustworthy industry reports and studies to get a full picture of how things are going.

What Defines a Favorable Return on Investment (ROI) in Influencer Marketing?

In assessing the return on investment (ROI) for an influencer marketing campaign, it's important to note that there is no universally established benchmark within the industry. However, for reference, according to Influencer Marketing Hub's 2020 report, the potential return can be as high as $18 in earned media value for every dollar invested in influencer marketing.

On average, the report suggests a return of approximately $5.78 for each dollar spent on influencer marketing. These figures serve as a point of comparison, though actual results may vary based on campaign specifics and objectives.

Qualitative Assessment

Evaluating the quality is important to understand how your B2B influencer marketing campaign affects lead generation, along with quantitative measures. Qualitative insights offer important details regarding audience mood, brand perception, and the campaign's overall effectiveness. 

Qualitative Assessment

Adjust and Optimize

Check how well your influencer marketing is doing regularly, and be ready to change things if needed. If some influencers aren't getting the results you want, think about using your resources differently or adjusting your approach. Use both numbers and other information to truly understand how much you're getting back from your B2B influencer marketing. Remember, influencer marketing is something you keep doing, and always making it better is important for long-term success.

Social Listening

Social listening means keeping an ear out for what people are saying online, like on social media, blogs, and forums. Paying attention to discussions about your brand, industry, products, competitors, and important words related to your business is important.

When doing a B2B influencer marketing campaign, social listening is a helpful tool. It lets you understand how people feel, get their opinions, and see how well your campaign is doing. You can watch social media and online places for any discussion about your influencer marketing efforts. Special tools can help you see if people are happy or not and collect opinions from your audience.

Social listening is like having a live update on what everyone is saying about your brand and influencer marketing. It helps you use facts to decide things, respond to what people say, and keep getting better at your B2B influencer marketing strategies.

Engage in Direct Communication

Connect directly with your audience by chatting in comments, direct messages, and other ways. Ask your followers to share their thoughts on the content made by influencers and your brand. Talking directly is important for influencer marketing. It helps you make relationships, get feedback, and make your bond with your audience stronger.

Talking directly doesn't just make your B2B influencer marketing work better. It also helps create a loyal community for your brand. When you chat with your audience, you build trust and a feeling of connection. This can make your brand look good and improve how your customers see your brand.

Engage in Direct Communication

Collect Testimonials and Feedback

Getting feedback and testimonials is really helpful for your B2B influencer marketing. It gives you a better idea of how your campaign is doing and makes your brand more trustworthy.

Engage in conversation with your customers, leads, and followers who participated in your influencer marketing. Ask them about their experiences. Their stories give you a good understanding of how well your influencer marketing is working. You can determine the effectiveness of your influencer marketing and build trust with your audience by requesting feedback and testimonials. Sharing positive experiences will help you gain their trust.


To measure the ROI in B2B influencer marketing for generating leads, a smart plan is necessary. This process can be quite complicated.

In this changing world, there is no single definition of success. However, it's important to have a clear plan with goals, KPIs, and evaluations to measure progress. You can obtain quantitative insights by utilizing conversion tracking, UTM parameters, and influencer-generated metrics.

B2B influencer marketing success depends on building lasting relationships, not just making money quickly. building trust with the target audience, strengthening brand awareness, and cultivating relationships. To succeed in B2B influencer marketing for lead generation, you need to constantly improve based on what you learn from measuring. If you’re looking for innovative ways to boost your business growth, you could also explore our B2B Rocket features, we help businesses achieve massive growth with the help of AI agents.

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