Outbound Lead Generation LinkedIn + Email multi-channel Hack

Josh B.
August 16, 2023
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Outbound Lead Generation LinkedIn + Email multi-channel Hack

Multiply your reaction rates by combining multi-stage work flows with LinkedIn and email on Autopilot.

Combine LinkedIn and email automation to make the most of your LinkedIn contacts by making the most of contacts that have not accepted your invitations.These contacts can be up to 70% of your contacts,so there is a big chance there.

For instance, if you invite two thousand possible customers per month using a LinkedIn automation tool, 70 percent of them (1,400 prospects) are underused.

One potential response involves building an extra interaction point through digital mail contact for individuals who have NOT agreed to your invitation. This will enable you to make the most of reach attempts while improving the response and participation speed of your directory by at minimum 10 times.

Outbound Lead Generation LinkedIn + Email multi-channel Hack


Not everyone is active on LinkedIn. If a prospect didn’t accept your request, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested in your proposal. So, creating another touch-point increases the response rate of your predefined and updated list.

Email and LinkedIn are both great tools for connecting with prospects and spreading your company’s message. Combining both in a multi-platform approach will boost your success rate, by up 10x (proven!)

Tools needed:

  • Tools needed:
  • Promotions $99 – 2,000 invitations and offers opportunities to contact two thousand potential buyers. Offers allow one to reach out to two thousand possible customers. These invitations make it possible for an individual to get in touch with two thousand prospective purchasers.
  • AchieveProspect $29 – 1,000 electronic mails.
  • "The listing for Lemlist or was forty-nine dollars – one thousand email deliveries."
  • "Tools for $25 - 1,000 jobs"

The appropriate version: The building opposite the park housed an art museum that attracted many visitors every year. It held numerous paintings by famous artists that delighted and captivated audiences. The museum always had new exhibits showing works created by popular painters which drew large crowds regularly. The structure hosting the museum was impressive and fitting for displaying such valuable art pieces. The administrators of the place worked hard to keep up

The message invitation wording + recommendations - tap here for LinkedIn Message Designs That Changes"

"The LinkedIn Open InMail series textual content - the LinkedIn Open InMail that turns prospects into customers."

Different LinkedIn and email templates are present at the finish of this article.

There are three selections that you can investigate:

NetworkedIn Open InMails + NetworkedIn Invitation + Email follow-up listed as Stage 1-4 down below.

Connections on LinkedIn request + Email follow up (Step 1, 3 and 4 described below)

The electronic mail then social media business communication routine. If some words were used on a handful of occasions, it's alright to reuse them. Electronic mail is the next LinkedIn plan of action.

Linkedin Open InMails + Linkedin Invitation and follow-up messages + Email

Step 1: Creating an Automated LinkedIn List Using Salesflow:

1. Create a new campaign in Salesflow.

Creating an Automated LinkedIn List Using Salesflow:

2. Add members by selecting from various options, such as LinkedIn searches, existing connections, Sales Navigator searches, importing leads from Sales Navigator, or using a CSV file.

 Add members

Step 2: Sending Open InMails with Autoresponders:

1. With your list in place, send up to 800 Open InMails per month with autoresponders using Salesflow.

Step 2 Sending Open InMails with Autoresponders

2. These Open InMails are free InMails that can be sent through LinkedIn premium accounts.

Sending Open InMails with Autoresponders

3. Salesflow automates and scales the entire process of sending Open InMails.

Sending Open InMails with Autoresponders

Step 3: Follow-Up with Invitations and Messages:

1. Export contacts who haven't replied to a separate campaign.

1. Export contacts who haven't replied to a separate campaign.

2. Create a new campaign for sending connection requests.

2. Create a new campaign for sending connection requests.
Follow-Up with Invitations and Messages

3. Set up your connection message and frequency.

4. Automate the process of inviting prospects who didn't reply to your InMails.

5. Include follow-up messages once your connection request is accepted.

Step 4: Integrating Email Outreach via Zapier:

1. Set up a Zapier webhook in Salesflow to trigger when a LinkedIn invite isn't accepted within a certain timeframe.

Integrating Email Outreach via Zapier

2. Create a Zapier integration with GetProspect to find verified email addresses.

Integrating Email Outreach via Zapier

3. Use Zapier to create a lead in GetProspect with necessary fields.

Integrating Email Outreach via Zapier

4. Link GetProspect to your email tool (e.g., Lemlist) for sending emails.

5. Fill in custom variables from GetProspect to your email tool.

6. Configure Lemlist to create an email campaign.

Configure Lemlist to create an email campaign

Step 5: Email Copy for Outreach Success:

1. To ensure success, craft compelling email copy for your outreach campaigns.

2. Customize the email sequence based on your target audience.

Step 6: Review and Automation in Lemlist:

1. Set up automatic review settings in Lemlist if desired.

Email to LinkedIn Workflow

Certainly, you've provided a detailed workflow for transitioning from an email-focused outreach strategy to incorporating LinkedIn as a second touch point. This approach aims to enhance response rates and engagement through multi-touch outreach. Here's a summary of the steps and the provided email templates and tips:

Workflow to Combine LinkedIn and Email Outreach:

1. Set Up Zapier Integration:

   - Open Zap.

   - Connect your SaaS provider (e.g., that supports Zapier.

   - Choose "Prospect Finished" as the Trigger Event, indicating prospects who have completed the cycle without replying.

Workflow to Combine LinkedIn and Email Outreach:

2. Obtain LinkedIn Accounts (If Needed):

   - Use tools like GetProspect or Clearbit to enrich your LinkedIn data and obtain prospects' LinkedIn accounts.

3. Connect to SalesFlow Campaigns:

   - Integrate SalesFlow with Zapier.

   - Add new members to SalesFlow InMail or connection request campaigns.

Workflow to Combine LinkedIn and Email Outreach:

4. Email Templates & Best Practices:

   - Provide email templates for different scenarios.

4. Email Templates & Best Practices

Topic 1: Recent LinkedIn Invitation Hook:

- Acknowledge the LinkedIn invite.

- Share your LinkedIn profile.

- Mention commonality or value proposition.

- Suggest a quick call.

Topic 2: Active LinkedIn Members Post:

- Refer to their recent LinkedIn post.

- Share your LinkedIn profile.

- Highlight value proposition.

- Propose a conversation.

Tips for Transitioning from LinkedIn to Email:

- Reflect on the LinkedIn invitation in your email.

- Provide context about yourself.

- Be concise and direct.

- Use a clear call-to-action (CTA).


- Combining LinkedIn Open InMails, invitations, and emails as a multi-touch approach can increase response rates by up to 10x and maximize your LinkedIn list.


- Emphasize that this multi-touch approach tends to yield higher response rates compared to an email-only approach.\


LinkedIn Open mails + Invite-then-mail approach

LinkedIn Open mails + Invite-then-mail approach

By blending LinkedIn and email outreach strategically, you can significantly enhance your chances of engagement and increase the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. The provided email templates and best practices offer a starting point for creating impactful and personalized communication. Remember to adjust the content to suit your target audience and industry.

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