Follow-up on leads from trade shows

Emma S.
August 14, 2023
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Follow-up on leads from trade shows

Studies of sales at events where companies show products have shown that around 80% of prospects given information at events are not called, are called too late or are disregarded. This jeopardises an increase in total revenue.

Many businesses are not ready to capture the benefits they should from their trade events. We know most businesses can obtain up to 40% more qualified prospects by contacting and attempting to prequalify every trade show possibility within a few days of the show.

 Our firm differs from additional telemarketing enterprises. Deliver us the unprocessed, unscreened trade event registrants so we could screen them for you and get them into your revenue cycle.

Permit your sales agents to invest time in sealing arrangements. The result will be an escalation in the calibre of your prospects, transforming them to likely customers, resulting in more profits.

The group can have discussions with individuals likely to be interested in figuring out essential points and views about your brand new products and services while they are presented at an exhibition, and also obtain other details required to create, upgrade, sustain, and manage your database.

Follow-up on leads from trade shows

Take into account the advantages:

  •  "Keep in mind the benefits:" 
  •  "Think of the positives:"
  • Supply your sales troupe with qualified and likely customers.
  • All paths are arrived at within a number of times, just before your challenge contacts them.
  • "Multiply eligible customers by thirty or forty percent extra."
  • "Increase revenues, gains, and overall trade show return on investment"

We give trade show clients the choice of using lead software that is solely ours. This program assists with the prospecting process by letting you rank leads from hot to cold. This ensures that your own sales team can contact the hot and warm leads, and leave the cold ones to us.

Take into account the advantages:

Our program will arrange the facts and information that can be sent to you in a format that can be changed into (words, csv, excel spreadsheet) for simple addition into your databases or CRM.

Quit spending tens of thousands of dollars on trade shows, and not getting concluded sales.

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Emma S.

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