Josh B.
January 9, 2024
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Increased global coverage by 35% within 8-months

Damon manages the marketing division of a successful packaging Company. Despite effective lead generation, Damon faced challenges with existing follow-up systems, lacking optimal results. Past paid ad attempts struggled for consistency, prompting the need for a reliable backend system to convert leads into bookings and propel business growth.

The Challenge:
Before collaborating with B2B Rocket, Damon grappled with multiple challenges. Inadequate follow-up systems and difficulties. Inconsistent outcomes from prior ad campaigns left Damon uncertain about effective lead generation and convincing potential salespeople of consistent engagement.

The Transformation:
"We had 877,304 Plastics & Packaging & Container” leads filtered and targeted by AI Agents and it just opened up tons of doors for us! This has allowed our team to focus less on prospecting & more on selling!! The first month started slow & we only brought in 1 meeting in the first month, however, the system booked 11 meetings in the second month alone. 

Client Feedback: 

"Everything is flowing in the right direction and momentum is building! Thanks for allowing us to solidify our agents for accuracy and grow the AI to the level required - this is EXACTLY the solution we've been looking for" 

The Result:
Increased global coverage of new partnerships acquired by 35% within 8-months

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Damon Phillips


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