Sales Discovery Call Questions: Best Practices for 2023

Josh B.
August 1, 2023
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Sales Discovery Call Questions: Best Practices for 2023

A sales discovery call is a crucial step in the B2B sales process to qualify leads and understand their needs. Here are some best practices and effective questions to ensure a successful sales discovery call in 2023:

Sales Discovery Call Questions: Best Practices for 2023

1. Establish Pain Points:

- What problem are you trying to solve? This question helps identify the challenges the prospect is facing and where your solution can add the most value.

- What impact is this problem having on your business? Quantify the pain the prospect is experiencing to understand their commitment to finding a solution.

- What happens if you don’t do anything about it? Evaluating the implications of failing to resolve the issue, both in the immediate and coming years, is exigent.

2. Talk about Their Current Tools and Processes:

- What does your current process look like? Understand their existing workflows and identify areas where your solution can streamline processes.

- What tools are you currently using in your workflow? Determine the tools they use and uncover any dissatisfaction with competitors' products.

- Have you evaluated other products? If so, which ones? Find out if they are considering other solutions and how competitive the deal is.

- Who else will be involved in choosing a vendor? Identify key decision-makers and influencers involved in the buying process.

Talk about Their Current Tools and Processes

3. Emphasize Immediacy:

- What’s your timeline for implementation? Establish how urgently they are looking to implement a solution.

- What has stopped you from solving this previously? Identify any previous attempts to find a solution and the reasons for not implementing it.

4. Ask about Their Decision-Makers and Influencers:

- Who would be signing off on this project if you do decide to buy? Determine the ultimate decision-maker responsible for approving the purchase.

Ask about Their Decision-Makers and Influencers

5. Discuss the Budget:

- What’s the approximate budget for solving this problem? Find out if their budget aligns with your pricing to avoid wasting time on unqualified leads.

Best Practices for Sales Discovery Calls:

- Build rapport first: Introduce yourself and the purpose of the call clearly, thanking the prospect for their time.

- Personalize your questions where possible: Research the prospect's business to tailor questions to their specific needs.

- Don’t become robotic: Engage in a natural conversation with the prospect, following up on their responses.

- Ask open-ended questions without binary answers: Phrase questions in a way that elicits comprehensive responses to understand the customer's story fully.

By following these best practices and asking the right questions during your sales discovery call, you can better understand your prospects' pain points, offer suitable solutions, and engage potential customers effectively.

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