Fundraising efforts from MALA optimized by B2B ROCKET

Josh B.
July 17, 2023
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Fundraising efforts from MALA optimized by B2B ROCKET

About MALA

MALA works with a diverse coalition of partners and supporters, from major corporations and foundations to grassroots community groups. Our work advances thanks to these dynamic and generous partners.

We also offer Consultancy Services in:

Our community is composed of an ecosystem of small, medium, large, and giant organizations. Small and medium-sized businesses stand to earn the most from our platform. Frequently, they lack the resources needed for marketing, a lobbyist to speak up for them in front of the state government, or human resources assistance to locate and hire competent staff. In those instances where they are unable to find a qualified candidate to fill the position, the chamber offers assistance to these businesses. They pick us to be a partner in their strategy.

Larger businesses typically have that framework in place already. Hence they frequently collaborate with us in an effort to uphold responsible corporate behavior and promote a burgeoning economic movement. We can then continue doing our good deeds in the region. Furthermore, as many of their customers are also members of our organization, joining is a great way for them to maintain their good name and benefit the community.

More time with potential customers

I am in charge of a team of recruiters that make sure MALA's membership keeps growing. They get in touch with potential donors and ask for an opportunity to explain the benefits of MALA membership.

However, our personnel had to go through a drawn-out process before they could speak with potential donors. They needed to target, qualify, connect, and then try to set up an appointment. Overall, the time spent on outreach accounted for around 65% of their time. According to this, just 35% of their time was really spent speaking with prospects.

Better and Specialized Service

B2B ROCKET then emailed me with details on their B2B lead generation service. The fact that they offered a more thorough, sophisticated, and knowledgeable service than the previous company gave me confidence that they would keep their promises.

B2B ROCKET currently manages our outbound process. I provided documents to the messaging development process and gave a quick interview explanation of our value proposition. B2B ROCKET created the messaging and executed the outbound campaigns on our behalf. Through our dashboard, I can see the quantity of research contacts they've identified, the number of emails sent, the number of emails opened and replied to, as well as the content of the messages.

Using our CRM system, I assess each incoming response to see if we already have a profile for that person or not. If a record is found, we assign a person to that account so that I can contact that person and ask them to arrange an appointment after receiving the message.

When a prospect responds, "Not Now," we follow the same process; we simply advance our calendar by a few months. If they decline a meeting, we usually update our CRM system for a six-month period.

The marketing materials, web presence, and reporting capabilities of B2B ROCKET have earned my utmost satisfaction. I'm quite pleased with the team's communication skills. I always receive a quick response when I email our account manager with an update or a query.

Opportunity graph heads northwards

As of now, I have been quite happy with B2B ROCKET's results and support. Outbound message open rates currently average 65 to 70 percent, far above the sector average. In the six weeks that we have been working together, we have been able to reduce the time spent hunting for new prospects from 65% to 50%. Now that they will have more time, our sales team may talk to potential customers.

We did have a method that functioned before, but it wasn't as efficient as it is now. Consider it like a cake; our sales team had already completed the baking, but B2B ROCKET assisted us in adding the icing.

We were able to boost the amount of possibilities in our funnel and direct that activity toward beneficial outcomes with the help of B2B ROCKET. Keep in mind that everything transpired rather rapidly. Not even months or quarters have passed since the results were expected. It is clear that they have expanded rapidly in just six weeks. They have already delivered, and they continue to do so.

Future chances in our industry will abound, and B2B ROCKET will continue to lead us there successfully, in my opinion. I don't know what the future holds, but I count on B2B ROCKET to grasp the market's fecundity and carry on our hunting, farming, and research on our behalf.

I still find B2B ROCKET to be a really helpful tool in my day-to-day work. I agree with the technique they're using as well as the communication and technological instruments that maintain their operation efficiently. It is cutting edge in terms of facilitating the tried and-true way of business development.

I've already stated that I aim to create a "die-hard fan" atmosphere among MALA members. Well, B2B ROCKET has my unwavering support and my highest recommendation.

Businesses in the area can benefit greatly from joining MALA, including networking opportunities, reliable advice, and HR help. Learn more and sign up.

If you represent an organization like MALA and are looking for ways to increase the amount of new members you are attracting, B2B ROCKET can help.

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Josh B.

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