The Power of Video in B2B Marketing: Key Stats and Trends

Emma S.
July 31, 2023
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The Power of Video in B2B Marketing: Key Stats and Trends

Video has become an indispensable tool in the world of B2B marketing, and the data supports its effectiveness and popularity. Here are some key statistics and trends that highlight the importance of incorporating video into your B2B marketing strategy:We already understand that visual material is one of the most powerful tools advertisers and business proprietors can harness to draw possible customers,transform clients,build bonds with them, and raise mark participation in a B2B surroundings.

Yet, an absolutely maximized online ad effort must be based on exploration-assisted pointers and details that permits you to identify new prospects and determine the accomplishment of a campaign.

So, to assist with that, we will separate some related video marketing figures that can provide useful for any individual seeking to make the most of their video marketing material on a B2B layout.

The Power of Video in B2B Marketing: Key Stats and Trends

1. Video Usage:

91% of businesses are already using video as a marketing tool. The engaging nature of video content and the growing demand for it contribute to its widespread adoption.

2. Consumer Preferences:

78% of people watch videos every week, with 55% doing so on a daily basis. Additionally, 54% of consumers expect to see more video content this year. Video has become a preferred format for information consumption.

Consumer Preferences

3. Video ROI:

84% of consumers reported making a purchase after watching a branded video. Video outperforms other content types, leading to 59% more engagement compared to other formats.

4. B2B Marketers and ROI:

87% of B2B marketers believe video marketing provides positive ROI. A well-planned video marketing strategy can lead to meaningful results and conversions.

B2B Marketers and ROI

5. Effective Video Types:

Explainer videos are highly effective, with 96% of people watching them to understand a product, service, brand, or business better. Product videos, how-tos, and webinars are also widely used and effective in B2B communication.

6. Optimal Video Length:

Shorter videos are more likely to retain audience attention. 68% of consumers watch a video until the end if it's less than a minute long. However, retention drops significantly for videos between 61 to 120 seconds in length.

7. Video and Social Media:

Social media platforms are excellent places to promote video content. 93% of businesses have gained customers through videos posted on social media. Facebook and YouTube are the most popular channels for posting video content.

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