Ensuring TCPA Consent Compliance for Outbound Telemarketing

Amelia H.
August 10, 2023
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Ensuring TCPA Consent Compliance for Outbound Telemarketing

The July 2015 Ruling published by the Federal Communications Commission that impacted the telephone marketing industry focused on outreach to customers. With the Ruling, the FCC decided that any system that is able to store or automatically dial numbers is seen as a System That Dials Numbers Automatically. In short, telephone marketers must fully grasp if they have a Prior Agreement or Prior Written Agreement with the leads in their marketing list before placing outbound phone calls.

To make a call selling by telephone to the exterior to a phone number wireless or VoIP, the business requirement possess permission to place that call if they are exploiting an automated telephone dialing system.

Ensuring TCPA Consent Compliance for Outbound Telemarketing

What does Prior Express Written Consent(PEWC) refer to? 

This expression is explicitly explained in the FCC rules. It signifies a written contract between the caller and the recipient of a call or communication that evidently allows the caller to provide to the recipient "commercials or telemarketing messages using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial pre-recorded voice," that pinpoints the number to be called and possesses the "signature" of the individual acquiring the call.

What is essential for PEWC for calling consumers by telephone marketing?

When we carry out telemarketing compliance consulting, we examine the created form that is signed by the potential or consumer to determine if the shape satisfies 3 requirements:

  1. The person giving details offers up their phone number.
  2. The customer or potential customer offers a distinct and obvious agreement for getting promotional, marketing, or sales calls on this telephone number, adding text messages and calls from an automatic telephone dialing system.
  3. The title of the firm for which they have authorization is easy to see and noticeable, and the list of companies should not go over 8 within the identical form.

The largest difficulty that one observes with enormous business organizations is reaching an agreement on how to persuade their customers and prospective customers to supply PEWC to their organization.

The most reliable technique for obtaining PEWC for outgoing telemarketing. 

In an ideal situation, most associations ought to attempt to consolidate getting PEWC into the first "new client enrollment" process. Getting PEWC after the customer relationship is built is far more troublesome.

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