Harnessing the Power of Instagram Stories for B2B Marketing

Josh B.
July 31, 2023
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Harnessing the Power of Instagram Stories for B2B Marketing

Instagram requires no unveiling. More than one billion humans use this system every 30 days to stay connected with contacts, spread alerts, find products, and even make expenditures. Consequently, Instagram has evolved into a well-liked promotional instrument for B2B companies.

"Furthermore, an increasing number of B2B advertisers have begun investing in Instagram marketing to achieve growth for their B2B organization. Living in a time when most businesses devote resources to social media marketing, it is hardly astonishing that B2B companies make the fullest possible use of various social media platforms to contact their target markets, build connections with clients, and sell B2B products.

Instagram has not generally been seen as the best pick for businesses that sell to other companies. However, the situation has somewhat altered lately.

An estimated 40 % of American adults are busy Instagram users, so it's clear that business-to-business buyers use Instagram, and many of them use it during the sales recognition stage to find new products and give them a go.

Based on the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 72% of companies that sell to other companies make use of Instagram, 63% of them intend to discover more about Instagram as an promotional instrument. 59% of buyers of companies that sell to other companies want to expand Instagram beyond normal activities.

In a situation where 94% of people buying products for business say that pictures influence choices to buy and Instagram is a picture tool, business sellers see opportunity in Instagram. Still, do they want to spend time and work making content on Instagram that does not last long like Instagram Stories? In concise fashion: indeed!

Harnessing the Power of Instagram Stories for B2B Marketing

What reason exist for companies that deal with other companies to utilise brief video clips and pictures on Instagram?

In 2016, when Instagram copied Snapchat's quality of imparting short-lived substance, nobody could have envisioned the expanding capability of Instagram Stories for companies of all sizes and assortments. Currently, expanding quantities of companies (incorporating the B2B specialty) utilise Stories to interface with clients on the stage.

If people inquire about why businesses that operate between other businesses make use of Instagram Stories, take a look at this information that reveals the increasing recognition of Instagram Stories among users—and emerging chances to communicate with B2B consumers in an enjoyable and inventive manner:

"With a huge number of active monthly users who generate or view Instagram Stories, this form of content is a fantastic approach for businesses to achieve the subsequent commercial aims:"

Back up a far purchaser trip: B2B purchaser trip is a long way from straight as many persons are concerned in the method of creating a purchase conclusion. In short, B2B shoppers face a lengthy purchaser trip and Instagram Stories give a demonstrated manner to reinforce it and therefore motivate B2B shoppers to take into consideration your product as a choice.

Instagram favours content from relations and kin, so most business-to-business businesses don't have an opportunity to cut through the clutter when possessing an Instagram profile unless they make Instagram Stories. Make stories additional imaginative by exploiting the best Reels editing apps. Why? Stories show up on a different feed and unseen posts have an orange and pink circle around the profile picture that encourages people to tap on Stories to watch them.

Instagram Stories, with the platform's popularity among users, has different features like clickable links, shoppable posts and stickers to assist companies reach different aims: raise brand knowledge, make a connection with the intended market, know customers better or even sell B2B products in the app.

Stay up to date with the latest tendencies: Instagram customers adore fleeting articles and invest a fair quantity of time viewing Stories. When you provide potential shoppers with what they truly desire, you improve brand trustworthiness and loyalty that assist your company become the very first preference when it involves producing a purchase choice.

Using Instagram Stories for your B2B business can be a powerful marketing tool.

Seven ways you can leverage Instagram Stories to grow your B2B company:

1. Humanise your business:

 B2B buyers prefer to connect with companies that have a human face. Use Instagram Stories to showcase your company culture, introduce your team members, and give a behind-the-scenes look at your daily operations. This helps build trust and loyalty with your audience.Individuals who acquire from businesses tend to have a desire to obtain from companies they have confidence in. As a result, they prefer companies with a human aspect. Additionally, no one takes an interest in a dull B2B company, so providing a human element to your business is an excellent method to raise brand allegiance and trust.

During the business to business client trip, sets of persons participate in the buying final decision-making process, so make sure your product fulfils their company's desires and needs. It's no wonder that B2B customers may inquire about your product before acquiring it. As you welcome your niche professionals to respond to these questions, not only do you help customers to grasp your product and company better but you also humanize your business.

Instagram allows its users a chance to recognize their likely patrons' issues with an inquiry sticker as followers can share questions that annoy them and your B2B firm can respond to these inquiries later to fulfil followers' curiosity and establish a sentimental link between your firm and customers.

Yet if you seek further opportunities by which you could render your B2B enterprise more human, contemplate these alternatives:"

  • Demonstrate a regular workday at your firm.
  • "Entertain a discussion with the main administrator or employees."
  • Bring forth those who work for you and relate their tales.
Humanise your business

2. Explain how your B2B product works:

 With the limited duration of Instagram Stories, it may seem challenging to explain complex B2B products. However, you can use engaging visuals and incorporate clickable links to direct interested viewers to more detailed information on your website or blog.The amount of B2B goods continues to multiply, so B2B purchasers might have difficulty selecting from nearly comparable goods on the market. When one explains how your B2B product works and how potential clients can benefit from you, it's simpler to encourage Instagram visitors and followers to become paying clients. The good news is that Instagram Stories can assist you.

In a limited fifteen seconds, it can be difficult to visualize how one can clarify parts of a business-to-business merchandise with Instagram Story graphics or clips. Nonetheless, Instagram Stories have diverse selections like clickable links that provide interested audiences additional specifics.

3. Turn interested followers into leads:

 Use Instagram Stories to generate leads by offering valuable content or special offers in exchange for contact information. This can help you build a list of potential customers interested in your products or services.

4. Provide social proof:

 Share customer testimonials and reviews through Instagram Stories to build credibility and trust with your audience. Consider creating a separate Story highlight dedicated to showcasing customer feedback.All present-day B2B clients aim to purchase from trusted firms, so it's no wonder that we search for equal proposals. As a result, community authentication plays an significant role in the purchaser venture.

To deliver to those who follow social evidence without filling their feeds with content, it is a wise plan to make use of fleeting content on Instagram.

Let us examine TailwindApp. When the firm obtains client recommendations from its consumers with a tag, TailwindApp reposts these Tales to their account and then incorporates them into a different Instagram Story highlight referred to as "Testimonials" to assist site visitors and followers locate all public evidence easily. The crucial result is that this highlight album appears under the bio section.

Provide social proof

5. Encourage impulse buying:

 Despite being a B2B company, you can use Instagram Stories to promote time-limited offers, discounts, or giveaways to encourage followers to make purchase decisions quickly.Instagram is a really good place for creating buys even if you run a business that sells to other companies. Based on one report, 83% of people come across new things on the platform. In addition, 80% of users say Instagram helps them figure out if they should buy a thing or service after noticing it in the app.

To motivate individuals to purchase from you and raise revenue, discuss arrangements with Instagram Stories as it establishes a sense of necessity. As Stories vanish within twenty-four hours, buyers are more likely to buy in order not to miss out on it.

To inspire unplanned purchases, reveal time-limited low prices or price cuts. You can also arrange a free giveaway and put "make an acquisition" as the participation necessity, similar to how PayPal does it in the illustration under.

Encourage impulse buying

6. Start a conversation with B2B buyers:

 Use interactive features like polls, question stickers, and emoji sliders in your Stories to engage with your audience and gather feedback. This helps you build connections and better understand your customers' needs.It is not a secret that B2B customers are everyday individuals seeking a psychological bond with the brands they choose. If you interact with potential B2B customers, it provides you a opportunity to stand out and gain more buyers.

Here are several Instagram Stories features that can make beginning a conversation with your buyers easier:

  • Prompt sticker: Ask supporters to express their choices.
  • "Suggest inquiry sticker: Motivate individuals to inquire regarding your product or react to your inquiries."
  • Mention to adherents to express to you how they react to your outcome or service.
  • "Include a link to the consumer fulfilment poll."

Adobe is aware of how to initiate a discussion and thus develop a connection with its followers. Take a look at numerous IG Story cases from the organisation that demonstrates doable ways on how to start a discussion:

7. Run an Instagram Story ad campaign:

 Instagram offers ad campaign settings that allow you to target your desired audience and achieve specific objectives, such as brand awareness, lead generation, sales, or recruitment.With a hundred crore individuals who actively use the platform, your intended crowd is definitely on Instagram. This is true whether you sell customer relations management devices, advertise local business directory optimization software, or provide transportation services. However, not all of your potential clients follow your business account on the platform. Therefore, you need to break through the hubbub and reach your customers. The answer? Create Instagram Story ads that are sponsored.

The app has numerous promoting options that permit companies that sell to different businesses to aim at the proper persons and attain contrastive ends: increase brand reputation, make potential customers, or raise revenue, and even employ ability.

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