Frequently Asked Questions about B2B Lead Generation

Amelia H.
August 10, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions about B2B Lead Generation

General Lead Generation FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions about B2B Lead Generation

1. What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process of targeting prospects for the purpose of selling them a Business Solution. It encompasses the outreach and initial contact phase of the Sales Process.

2. How do Companies Generate Leads?

There are various methods for generating Sales Leads, including Cold Calling, Webinars, Automated Chat Bots, and Email Campaigns. Leads are generated when a two-way communication with the prospect occurs.

3. Is Lead Generation Worth it?

If business growth through increasing Sales results is a priority, Lead Generation is likely worth the expense. Adding new customers to the business requires some form of Lead Generation.

4. Is Lead Generation Sales or Marketing?

Lead Generation can apply to both Sales and Marketing efforts. Sales teams may reach out to prospects directly, while Marketing often uses content and materials to attract potential prospects.

Atlantic Growth Solutions (AGS) Lead Generation FAQ:

Atlantic Growth Solutions (AGS) Lead Generation FAQ:

1. What is the Definition of a Qualified Lead?

Qualified Leads meet specified criteria, often evaluated using the BANT Qualifying Framework (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline).

2. How is a Qualified Lead Generated?

Qualified Leads are generated through the Business Development process, where contact methods are used to connect with prospects. Qualifying questions are asked during interactions with the Sales Team to determine if there is an opportunity to sell the solution.

3. Are the Qualified Leads Guaranteed to Close?

Qualified Leads have a higher likelihood of closing due to the critical qualifying factors established early in the process. However, closing the new business is the responsibility of the Sales Organization.

Are the Qualified Leads Guaranteed to Close?

4. What is the Payback of Outsourcing Lead Generation?

The payback of outsourcing Lead Generation is evaluated using the ratio of Customer Acquisition Cost vs Lifetime Value of the Customer (CAC:LTV). A good ratio is typically considered anything over 1:3.

5. How many Qualified Leads can AGS Generate for me?

The number of Qualified Leads AGS can generate depends on factors such as the uniqueness of your value proposition, the number of accounts targeted, the number of AGS Business Development Representatives assigned, and the length of the Sales Cycle in your target industry.

6. My solution is very technical, How do you generate Qualified Leads without Technical Knowledge?

AGS' Lead Generation Process focuses on identifying a prospect's needs, requiring only enough knowledge of your product to ask the right questions. Once qualified, the lead is handed over to your sales team, where the technical stage of the Sales Process can begin. AGS simply qualifies that a sales opportunity exists, letting your sales team win the business.

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