GG captures 3 New Markets within 3 Months of Mentoring by B2B ROCKET

Amelia H.
August 4, 2023
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GG captures 3 New Markets within 3 Months of Mentoring by B2B ROCKET

About GG

Based in New Jersey, GG is a software company. With a small yet smart staff, GG was able to sell a specially created management system that aids providers in structuring and organizing their work in the global markets.

Problems confronted by GG

The GG team was agile and effective, but it was too small to complete its next objective, which was to create an outbound campaign for entering the new market. Thus, it was our responsibility to assist GG with things like:

Accelerating growth: The client understood the necessity to create a fruitful and effective channel in order to extend the brand's influence to a new market. However, making such a choice requires extensive knowledge and investigation. The GG team needed fresh perspectives and well chosen lead data to do this.

Meager internal resources: GG sought the help from outside experts who could help with creating and managing the new campaign rather than putting the burden on its staff.

What we did

Examined the ICP in detail: Our team examined the client's Ideal Customer Profile to determine what kinds of information were missing from it to determine why the present targeting wasn't producing enough high-value leads. Additionally, we explored the value proposition of GG. This part of the research was necessary to establish the key definitive features that set the client apart from the competition and figure out how to implement those features in its future campaigns. Since the solution was designed for providers, the GG ICP proved to be rather challenging. Its training management system was curated to assist these businesses in enhancing both their operational efficiency and the way in which they train their customers. With our subsequent actions, we address this.

Customized research: We tasked a capable B2B ROCKET researcher with investigating several markets and businesses in quest of the ideal match.

GG ICP: In this step, hand-selected data had to be used, and it had to be mixed into a variety of data sources, including social media sites like LinkedIn and AngelList and more specialized sources like Xing.

Template crafting: We provided our copywriters with the knowledge on our objectives, our industry, and target market. They used it to create a set of specialized cold email templates. We selected a 4-email cadence since it appeared to be the most effective at educating prospects and encouraging them to reply.

Project management: Right from the beginning of implementation of the new campaign, an AM and an SDR from B2B ROCKET have been keeping an eye on it. We were able to maintain order, ensure the greatest results, and quickly adjust to the changes thanks to this. The GG team was free to process fresh warm leads and move them along to the appointment-setting step in the interim.


Being successful in the market: Encouraging outcomes were obtained from our market research and advertising initiatives. In the first few months of working with GG, we were able to identify and convert over 27 high-value prospects into deals in just 3 months. It was a remarkable result and a solid proof that our targeting and campaigns were founded on reliable research data and were successful in grabbing the attention of the target audience, especially given that each new deal with the client that perfectly fits the ICP drives significant amounts of revenue.

Responses mapping: For giving the client transparent insights and a better knowledge of how the campaign should be evolved, we supplied the maximum amount of detail regarding the replies that were obtained.

New territories explored: We identified lucrative markets in Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium through our research. The GG solution turned out to be nearly unique in these markets, which increased the likelihood of landing new business and loyal clients. Right now, we're still working with GG to maximize the potential of these fresh markets.

Growth achieved: GG began expanding quickly after creating a streamlined and transparent methodology and effective advertising. The business acquired the chances and assets required for growing the core staff, set up a CRM to organize the lead flow, and kept collaborating with the B2B ROCKET team to achieve even greater success in sales and project management.

Key takeaways

Begin with your ICP: While creating a product, it's important to create a clear picture of the individual or business will help. The location and business objectives should all be noted. Your chances of discovering your ideal client without having to repeatedly rewrite email templates and rethink outreach initiatives increase the more particular you are.

Avoid using the same email template: You can't make cold emails persuasive by copying and pasting the body content and changing a few details (such as the recipient's name or the name of the company). Make it visible that you respect each of your prospects as a person and are prepared to develop a tailored solution to address their pain points by creating new material, adding relevance, and doing so.

There will always to new markets to explore: Even if you feel that all categories are already occupied and that dealing with competition is unavoidable, you should still look into potential new business ventures. Although your answer might not be exceptional in your immediate market, it will end up being highly sought for in other areas. The best way to learn is to always search for new areas.

Team up with experts: If your team is tiny but productive and you want your business to develop naturally rather than artificially, be careful how you approach your jobs. Your human resources will get overworked and you'll miss out on excellent sales prospects if you give your sales representatives and researchers too much work.

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